“Scream 5” was shown in the trailer and scared the audience

Scream 5 Scream 5

Released the debut trailer for the new movie “Scream” 2023, which shows the return of the main characters of the franchise, which is hunted by a man in a ghost mask.

The trailer for the upcoming Scream 5 kicks off with an extended look at the Iron Man 3 character Jenna Ortega, and takes fans back to the opening scene of the 1996 original Scream. As Gamebomb.ru spied, the trailer then introduces viewers to a new group of Woodsboro residents and reports that a man wearing a ghost mask attacks people associated with a series of the very first attacks of the franchise. Also in the trailer for “Scream 5” showed the return of all the main characters of the past parts of the “Scream” franchise. Syd, Gail, and Dewey find themselves caught up in the affair again, and in keeping with the genre of the franchise, the film is full of attacks. The new Scream 5 video also showed the return to Stu’s house, the site of the massacre in the finale of the original Scream movie.

2023 marks ten years since the release of Scream 4, the last film in the long-running franchise that began in 1996 with the first movie, Scream, directed by Wesley Craven. The film kicked off a renaissance of the teen slasher genre and changed the attitude of viewers to horror films when a madman in a ghost mask terrorized the people of Woodsboro. Actress Neve Campbell, who has starred in all parts of the franchise and starred in the new “Scream 5”. Courteney Cox as journalist Gail Weathers and David Arquette as Deputy Sheriff Dewey Riley will also appear in the upcoming Scream 5 thriller.

According to Gamebomb.ru, the director of the new film “Scream 5” is Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, known to the audience for the horror films “I’m Going to Search” and “Z / L / O”. Paramount Pictures’ new thriller “Scream 5” is scheduled for January 14, 2023.

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