Nothing out of the ordinary, just another day in Russia. A selection that real pride takes

There are stereotypes about each country that you can even be proud of. The best pizza, the most cultured people, the cleanest air and so on. But there are also such things in our country, looking at which we think: “This is possible only in this country!” This collection is dedicated to stereotypes about Russia from which you are not ashamed, but even somehow childishly pleasant.

Folk cyberpunk

Whether you want it or not, you will still be in art

Okay, this is even funny

Give me a tank!

Can’t buy a garage – do it

Russian people are always close to nature

Such Easter eggs can be found on the streets of ordinary small towns in the CIS. Hello Belarusians!

Driveway vibe

Dad and his little helper

Oh, and how much did he listen to in school

Apparently, a sign about a disadvantaged area of ​​the settlement

Regular outdoor toilet

This seems to be their last photo.

Completely secure

Chug-chug, motherfucker

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