Titan Quest received a new expansion about the East

DiabloidTitan quest got a new DLCEternal embers“, In which the player will have to return to the East to defeat the demons.

The new addition brings:

  • A fresh story that includes 4 acts and 15 side quests;
  • 11 mastery, allowing you to use deadly potions, elemental powers and blessings of the gods;
  • Over 30 new enemies and bosses, ranging from exotic beasts from the legends of the Far East to arrogant deities;
  • New equipment, including armor, weapons and jewelry;
  • 7 new types of potions that give advantages in battle and with a separate cooldown from normal potions and scrolls;
  • Technical improvements including controller support, performance, loading and image improvements;
  • New editor features and many other small improvements.

Also until December 10 at DLC there will be a 10% discount, allowing you to purchase it at a price of 584 rubles.

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