A crossover game with Child of Light characters in development

Remember, a couple of years ago, the creative department manager FunHouse v Ubisoft Montreal Patrick Plourd (Patrick Plourde) hinted at Child of light ii? Well, the sequel (or rather the prequel) was never given the green light, but some kind of crossover game with characters from “Child of Light” went into production.

About it Plourdes tweeted, but first made fans think it was a sequel:

Fans Child of light, I just want to inform you that the art director of the game Thomas Rollus [Thomas Rollus] has just finally approved the next big adventure of Aurora and Igniculus. Expect more news early next year 🙂

Later, the developer clarified that this is not Child of light ii, but crossover entertainment from other developers, which will tell about the adventures of Aurora after the end of the original. “The game looks very interesting, amazing and is made by developers who also love the franchise.”, – added Plourdes

Recall that in 2018, a TV series was announced. Child of light, but things are still there.

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