The Babylon’s Fall action game has a release date: the game is set to release in March 2023.

It’s been three years since Babylon’s Fall was announced, and now the co-op slasher from Platinum Games has finally a release date. The date was announced in a new trailer for the game revealed by the developers at the Game Awards – Babylon’s Fall is slated for release on March 3, 2023.

Babylon’s Fall is the new game from PlatinumGames that brought the world NieR: Automata. In it, the player will have to join a brave group of warriors armed with special artifacts called the “Sarcophagi of Gideon” and embark on a journey aimed at conquering the giant Tower of Babel.

On the journey, the hero will be helped by a unique weapon that can be taken in each hand and the power of Gideon’s Sarcophagi, which allows you to use up to four types of weapons in battle at the same time and opens up a lot of scope for combat capabilities and tactics.

Babylon’s Fall Coming to PC via Steam, PS4 and PS5 – March 3, 2023

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