In 2023, a simulator of Jesus Christ will be released on PC,

Independent studio SimulaM has released a new trailer for its upcoming Jesus Christ life simulator, I am Jesus Christ. A fresh video shows Jerusalem and its surroundings. In addition, the game’s developers have announced that the Kickstarter fundraising campaign has been postponed, but the alpha test of the title is already available, so if you are interested in I am Jesus Christ, you can request access to testing on the game’s Steam page.

In April or May 2023, the SimulaM studio plans to release the first version of the prologue I am Jesus Christ, and the developers plan to release the game (most likely in early access) by the end of 2023.

According to the synopsis for the game, gamers will have to go back in time and go through the same path as Jesus Christ, from baptism to resurrection. Also, players will fight Satan, heal the sick and help those in need. Perform over 30 legendary miracles – from feeding 5,000 people and healing lepers to calming the sea and giving sight to the blind. Play over 10 hours of gameplay across the desert, water, and mountains. The culmination of all this will be the famous story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

I am Jesus Christ is coming to PC via Steam.

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