Trial launch of AFK Magic Wars took place, children should not be brought to the screen

RPG game AFK Magic Wars appeared on Google Play in a distant country. There is access to it, but the children have to turn their backs.

AFK Magic Wars is an arcade RPG, the essence of which is for us to create a squad and send it to AFK battles. The plot is revealed through textual dialogues, and without voice acting, but that is not the point. The fact is that the game appeared in Australia, this is a trial run. Our sources claim a global release between December 29th and 31st. But this is not the most important thing either.

AFK Magic Wars not for kids

The Australian Google Play rating is AFK Magic Wars PG, meaning the content is inappropriate for children under the age of 13. The description mentions network interactivity (cooperative modes and guild), as well as spicy images of waifu.

AFK Magic Wars gameplay

There can be a maximum of five heroes in a squad, who can fight and receive materials offline. Although battles are automatic, players use cards for buffs and spells. And yes, the gameplay is vertical, and the heroes are pumped with one button.

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