The details of the event with Arnold Schwarzenegger in World of Tanks have become known

Starting December 9, 2023, players will be able to get Arnie himself as the commander, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the festive hangar, decorate the Christmas tree and participate in many other cool entertainment.

It all starts with a festive hangar, where each player will receive their first gift – a new American premium T3 Convertible tank, and with it – special combat missions from Arnie.

One of 32 combat missions will be opened for “tankers” every day. After completing 27 of them, the player will receive Arnold Schwarzenegger as commander. And this is the only way to recruit him to your tank team. The commander will utter his most famous phrases and will be trained in three skills: “Sixth Sense”, “Repair” and zero skill “Combat Brotherhood”, and will also have enough experience to learn another skill.

In addition, players will be able to collect boxes and stamps that will allow them to unlock new decorations and cards. And by sending gifts to friends, users will receive special rewards.

The event will run in World of Tanks until January 10. All details follow the link

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