Amazon Game Studios rushes to reassure players: measures are being taken to combat bots,

Over the past month, Amazon Game Studios’ MMORPG New World has faced a number of challenges. This includes repeated crashes due to server migrations and other game bugs that forced the development team to completely shut down the game’s economy, resulting in a stall in progress.

In addition, recently the game has seen a surge in bot activity, which is taking over some of the popular places for gathering resources and extracting materials in the game. Considering the fact that resources are not unique for each of the players, and that this forces users to compete with each other in order to extract them, this problem becomes very urgent, because the activity of bots means that the progress of the players has slowed down significantly.

In a statement to Kotaku, Amazon Game Studios assured fans of the game that they are aware of the increased bot activity and are doing everything they can to eradicate them as soon as possible:

We are receiving reports from players about the increased activity of bots in New World. Bots are an ongoing challenge for MMOs, and our team has deployed dedicated resources and tools to identify and combat them. We strive to constantly improve the countermeasures: just yesterday, we banned more than 7,700 accounts for using bots. Our goal is to make New World fun and fair for all players. We will post updates to the game forums and Twitter as they become available.

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