Hell Let Loose Coming To PS5 And Xbox Series In Early October

Team17 and Black Matter Party Studio Announce Tactical First Person Shooter Set In World War II Hell let loose will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on October 5. Pre-orders are already open.

In addition, the creators of the game announced an open beta test on the PS5 from September 16 to 20. Not a word about the Xbox, but perhaps the MBT on the Microsoft platform will take place a little later.

Hell let loose offers players epic 50v50 hardcore battles featuring infantry, tanks and artillery. Users have access to the roles of an officer, spotter, machine gunner, medic, engineer and even a tank commander – depending on personal preferences and playing style.

Initially Hell let loose was released for PC on July 27th. Crossplay will be implemented between PS5 and Xbox Series, and after the release some content from the PC version will be added – maps of the Eastern Front: Stalingrad and Kursk. At the same time, major add-ons will be paid.

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