Ksyusha Bore is getting married a year after breaking up with Maddison. Ilya got himself a tear-stained cat

Streamer Ksenia “Zanuda” Sevastyanova said that on December 18 she will get married. Previously, the girl met with a famous blogger for many years. Ilya Maddison, but in 2023 the couple broke up.

According to Bores, her new lover has nothing to do with gaming, streaming or other media. 28 year old Vyacheslav works as a lawyer, plays games only on weekends, and a couple met in Tinder… The girl also said that she would leave her last name.

Myself Maddison decided that he could not cope alone, so he told his subscribers that he had a cat. Like myself Maddison, viewers noted that the cat looks rather sad and even as if tear-stained.

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