Henry Cavill was jokingly shamed by his fascination with Warhammer miniatures. The actor remained a gigachad

Henry Cavill and Tom Holland became guests of the show Graham Norton… Each of the actors talked about their project. The first season will be released on December 17th “The Witcher”, and from the shoulders of the second, all the secrets will finally fall Spider-Man: No Way Home… As part of the conversation Norton I remembered about one of my hobbies Cavilla… The actor is known to be a huge fan of the universe. Warhammer… He has said more than once that he is painting miniatures. He was asked about this hobby Norton, in a jokingly judgmental manner.

Norton: You definitely have more different hobbies than an ordinary person, I will say so. You paint … This World of warcraft?

Cavill: Warhammer.

H: Warhammer, of course, how stupid I am.

TO (jokingly): Actually, Graham, this is Warhammer.

H: So … So you paint by hand? Does everyone do that or can you buy a ready-made one?

TO: No, you need to color them. The question is how much effort you put into it.

H: Well, you definitely invest a lot!

TO (not paying attention): One side of the hobby is painting the figures, and the other is playing.

H: So-a-ak … So you painted them, what do you do next, Henry?

TO: Then … Well … You collect them into a small army … And you fight someone else’s army * smiles *. It’s actually fun. Yes, it sounds silly, but …

H: Of course toys are great fun. Do you mind if I stop by for a visit?

TO: Emn. Yes, stop by.

Holland: Can i!?

TO: And you can!

NS: This sounds awesome!

About the hobby for figurines Cavill told at the beginning of the pandemic.

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