Fortnite switches to Unreal Engine 5 with the start of Chapter 3

And also acquired fresh content, including the appearance of Spider-Man.

The launch of Chapter 3 in Fortnite brought the game to the Unreal Engine 5, along with improved graphics and destructible objects.

Also, new parts of the map were revealed to players: there is now a winter biome on the western side of the island, and a tropical biome on the eastern side. In the latter, you can stumble upon the huge complex of the Founder – the character of Dwayne Johnson in Fortnite, and not far from it rises the building of The Daily Bugle – straight from the Spider-Man comics. Very soon, players will be able to get web launchers and literally fly between high-rise buildings.

Back in Chapter 3, Fortnite added new weapons, a tent to rest and heal in, a sliding mechanic, and more. All details follow the link

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