New “Star Wars 10” fans pissed off

Numerous fans and fans of the Star Wars universe were angry and shocked by the new films of this popular space mage.

Film producer Kathleen Kennedy, director of the Star Wars franchise, has extended her contract with Walt, according to many sources. Disney… Kennedy will remain in office until at least 2024. As such, all subsequent Star Wars 10 films and others will still be aligned with Kathleen Kennedy, who will retain full creative control of the franchise. This news greatly infuriated and angered numerous fans of the franchise in anticipation of “Star Wars 10”. Fans think the next 3 years under Kathleen Kennedy’s leadership will not be a good one for Star Wars fans.

Fans began to tweet their negative comments about the contract extension with Kathleen Kennedy for “Star Wars 10”. “I have supported Kathleen Kennedy many times, but with the departure of many directors it became clear that Lucasfilm and Star Wars were suffering a lot under her leadership.” dark times await us. ”“ I have defended Kathleen Kennedy for many years now, as her resume speaks for itself. But now even I cannot bear it. Too many creative directors left her and she makes the wrong decisions right and left, “wrote netizens. Many others supported them.

It is worth noting that under the direction of Kathleen Kennedy as a producer, a new trilogy was filmed, which includes the films Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi and Star Wars 9: Skywalker. Sunrise “, as well as the painting” Han Solo. Star Wars: Stories “. Many fans consider them to be some of the weakest in the entire franchise. That being said, Kennedy is also the producer of The Mandalorian TV series, as well as the upcoming Bobba Fett Books, Obi-Wan Kenobi and many others.

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