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The Last Night was announced during Microsoft’s presentation at E3 2017, when its stylish cyberpunk and vibrant pixel art stunned the audience. Unfortunately, since then, the development studio Odd Tales has faced many problems, including the loss of a publisher partner and raising funds on its own – for these and other reasons, the release of the game had to be postponed indefinitely.

Last week, colleagues from the PC Gamer portal spoke with the co-author of The Last Night, Tim Soret, and found out that representatives of the Odd Tales studio should appear at The Game Awards and provide new details about the game. Soret also said that the release of The Last Night will not occur until 2023.

In addition, in a short interview, Soret did not give empty promises that the game will be 100% released in 2023, explaining that he wants to avoid pressure on his small team – according to him, the developers from Odd Tales are creating The Last Night “brick by brick.” adapting the visual component of the game for the current generation, as well as introducing the necessary set of options.

We know that for The Last Night to appear in 2023, we will set ourselves the task of impressing everyone with the power and originality of our proposal, ” Soret said.

Recall that the game The Last Night was originally supposed to be released in 2018, but Odd Tales parted ways with the publisher Raw Fury. Although the studio regained all rights to publish the game, the severance of the partnership with the Swedish company seems to have caused a lot of financial and legal problems.

The release of The Last Night is planned for the Xbox One and PC platforms.

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