Top 5 Heroes Who Shine In Every Meta

The heroes worth picking – no matter the goal.

Dota 2 may be a great game, but we all know how tough it is to play this old school MOBA. To top things off, Dota keeps changing sometimes slowly but dramatically at other times. It is tough to keep track of what is happening in the game if a player is out of touch or just doesn’t want to read a book long before playing.

With constant buffs and nerfs to heroes, players may also want to add some stable heroes to their pool. Well, there is a way out of this. We have researched and listed five heroes which remain least affected by most updates. You can play these without worrying about your friends or teammates calling your pick “out of meta”.


The Dota 2 hero Rubick lowers his staff, the orb at its top pulsing with glowing green energy

We’ve never seen Rubick go completely out of meta. Even if he feels underwhelming to play sometimes, the hero is an unbelievable asset to the team in the hands of a skillful player. Being able to steal spells and throw them at the enemy team is just the flashy part of Rubick’s awesomeness. While Spell Steal steals the spotlight, Arcane Supremacy is one of the most underrated abilities. Granting Rubick 250 cast range and 26% spell amplification at max level, Arcane Supremacy keeps Rubick viable even in the later stages of the game.

Chaos Knight

The Dota 2 hero, Chaos Knight, charges into battle atop his flaming steed

Chaos Knight is an amazing hero in the current meta. However, he’s been a decent pick for quite some time now; especially in the lower bracket games. The hero offers a solid laning phase. He is tanky and also scales very well as the match progresses. Chaos Knight is hard to deal with because he gains high strength and yet dishes out tons of damage with the help of Chaos Strike and Phantasm. As long as players hit their item timings, CK is not that tough to play and can win games easily.

Troll Warlord

Troll seems to do average and sometimes above average in most goals. He has an all-time win rate of approx 51%, but has a very limited pick rate. Players who are good with Troll will have a good advantage in the lower brackets. Troll is a late game carry who scales well and does immense damage to both heroes and towers. The hero often gets kited around, which is one of the major drawbacks to him.

Ogre Magi

The Dota 2 hero Ogre Magi, a massive two-headed ogre, lumbers into battle

Ogre Magi has been a superb support for a long time now. Even after a few nerfs, he stands strong in the meta. He enjoys a healthy win rate and is probably the only support who is as tanky as a strength hero, maybe even more in the starting phases of the game. Ogre is simple to play and helps his team with his Bloodlust skill, increasing their attack speed significantly. Given his simple mechanics and good stats, Ogre is perfect for new players or the ones who are playing Dota after a long break.


The Dota 2 hero Bristleback, a fearsome spiked shell warrior

Another simple yet extremely annoying hero to face, Bristleback definitely makes the list of most unaffected heroes both by game patches and enemy damage. The developers have blessed the hero with his two insane passive abilities, one of which is called Bristleback. This skill essentially renders 40% damage useless at max level, making BB one of the most tanky heroes in the game. Adding to the trouble, BB gains attack damage and movement speed bonus up to nine stacks when he casts a spell with his ultimate ability called Warpath. This makes BB a nuisance on the map and until someone can counter him with appropriate items, he remains so.

Feature Images: Dota 2 Fandom

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