The creative director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy talks about the most important Easter eggs in the game


Leading executives from Eidos Montreal decided to talk about the main Easter eggs of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. On the official Square Enix blog, creative director Jean-François Duga and his team-mate Bruno Gaultier-LeBlanc selected the first seven references and explained exactly why they appeared in the game.

Easter eggs Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy:

  1. The protagonist owns the original Chewbacca figure – a reference to “Star Wars” was added at the initiative of Jean-François Dugas, who is fond of the franchise and found some similarities between the characters in the saga and the Guardians. A small reference had to be coordinated with Lucasfilm.
  2. At the beginning of the game, you can find a poster of Dazzling from the “X-Men” – she decided to add Gaultier-LeBlanc, who thus decided to connect the earthly life of the protagonist
  3. Peter gets a cake with Pacman – according to the designers, a reference to the cult game of the 80s was a must. Bandai Namco was happy to be allowed to use the Pac-Man look and even insisted on keeping the original Pac-Man look.
  4. Jack Flag’s cameo – as part of the passage of Chapter 12 on Milano into outer space, you can send a camera with Jack Flag, who, according to the comics, was part of the team of heroes. The executives said the scene was a great Easter egg opportunity that they looked forward to.
  5. The shower scene straight from Deus Ex – a reference to the last game Eidos Montreal appeared almost by accident. The developers discovered that the ship has a shower, but it is not used in any way. Once the animators had completed the scene, all the creative directors had to do was to correctly insert it into the narrative.
  6. Richard Ryder – according to Dugas, the mention of the hero was meaningful and served to develop Gamora’s personal story.
  7. Frog Thor is better known as Trog and can be found in the Collector’s Museum, like many other things. Gaultier-LeBlanc admitted that he did not even know about the existence of such a hero in the comics. The Easter egg was added during a brainstorming session with the entire development team and Marvel representatives.

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