New World player dissatisfaction continues to grow, developers want to devalue item crafting


In the New World community, a wave of indignation is again rising from the developer’s decision. Players on forums are encouraging each other to ditch Amazon Games MMOs and jump into games where fans listen. According to users, New World “only gets worse” with each patch.

New player anger has been sparked by the announcement of upcoming changes in patch 1.2, which will affect the crafting system. Crafting mechanics have been criticized by players on numerous occasions, but the next update may make it even worse. Next year, New World will have a new crafting system called “Expertise” that will reduce the effectiveness of crafted weapons. The main idea behind this change is to close the gap in the hero’s development cycle.

According to players, the new system trite devalues ​​all crafted items. It will no longer make sense for artisans to create powerful weapons, because their effectiveness will still have to be increased in battle. This will force players of all classes to play “dull grind”.

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