Several free add-ons will be released for Resident Evil: Village


In a new report to investors, Capcom has decided to boast of the outstanding performance of the last part of the horror game in the Resident Evil game series. Along with this, the publisher accidentally let slip that it is preparing to release several free add-ons for Resident Evil: Village at once.

The details of the free DLC remain unknown. Most likely players will have a few small content updates. Developers can add new difficulty modes, new items or weapon skins. In addition, do not forget about the online project Resident Evil Re: Verse, which can be dedicated to one of the add-ons. Free add-ons are being developed in parallel with the story expansion.

From the publisher’s report it also became known that the total circulation of Resident Evil: Village exceeded 5 million copies. In just 7 months after its release, the horror game showed half of the result of the most successful part of Resident Evil 7, which accounts for 10 million copies.

The announcement of the first additions to Resident Evil: Village should be expected at The Game Awards 2023, which will be held on December 10.

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