A gameplay video of the tactical shooter Ready Or Not appeared on the network


About the game for a long time it was not heard anything, the latest news related to the game was that the independent studio VOID Interactive began cooperation with the publishing house Team17, but the gameplay of the alpha version of the tactical first-person shooter Ready Or Not appeared on the network

Ready Or Not will offer players the most realistic immersion in the everyday life of special combatants. You have to eliminate terrorists, carry out raids on the bases of drug cartels and free hostages. It will be possible to carry out operations, both in single-player and cooperative modes. To carry out complex special forces operations, players will be provided with an extensive arsenal of real-life weapons and special equipment.

VOID Interactive has placed great emphasis on enforcing the rules of operations and establishing a rigorous but fair system for evaluating player success. Law enforcement officers from all over the world were involved in the consultations. Everything related to shooting is made at an unprecedented level of realism: ballistic characteristics, ricochet dynamics, resistance of Kevlar and armor plates, as well as the burst and impulse of bullets are modeled.

The project has no release date yet.

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