Homeworld 3 Gameplay First Trailer

During The Game Awards 2023 the premiere of the gameplay of the space strategy Homeworld 3 from Blackbird Interactive… As expected, the video shows massive space battles and exploration of new star systems – all generations after the events of Homeworld 2.

The developers said that the plot of the new part tells about a galaxy experiencing an era of abundance due to the system of hyperspace gates. At the same time, periods of truces and conflicts have been replacing each other all the time. Now, catastrophic failures began to happen in the work of the gate, and the key to solving the mystery is Karan, which has acquired the status of a myth and a religious leader.

Release Homeworld 3 scheduled for Q4 2023, exclusively for PC.

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Harkonnen (level 26)yesterday, 10:22:36

The “deserted part” did not come to me at all, but to return to space is the very thing. It was a wonderful strategy. I especially liked the first part, with an incredibly sad atmosphere. I’ll wait for this, although something tells me that it will be more like a remake. Obviously, they crammed all the best – and the mission with asteroids is visible, and the hijacking of the frigate …
Well, let’s see. I liked it anyway.

Oh yeah .. my inner space lover, just drooling with admiration and anticipation of the third part spiteful

it will be necessary to replay the previous 4 games))) and then I already forgot what for what!


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