Gwent: Changes and New Content in Patch 9.6

Update 9.6 came to Gwent, in which the developers added new maps, changed the balance and made the game even more convenient.

Publisher CD Projekt RED has released patch 9.6 for Gwent The Witcher Card Game. In this article, we’ll show you what to expect from card battles in December. Let’s go through the changes, features and fixes.


  • The Reward Book is now in the Main Menu and Match Mode is now in the in-game menu
  • Squad armor is ignored when activating the “Drain” keyword

New features

  • Badge for Order abilities that have no charges
  • Three New Trees with Cards Coming This Month Added to the Reward Book
  • You can now skip the steps of adding and removing cardsets in match mode

Bug fixes

  • If you could not start the game after logging into your account, now this problem is gone
  • Premium card “Vanadine” creates premium copies of the card “Trap”
  • You can easily connect Twitch and GOG accounts to your Gwent account

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