Pre-registration for Seven Knights: Revolution is open

Seven Knights: Revolution is available for early registration on Google Play and the official website. The developers are giving away prizes.

Publisher Netmarble announced on the Facebook group that pre-registration for Seven Knights: Revolution is open. So far, we are talking about a version for South Korea, so even the game’s website is filled with hieroglyphs. It is through him that you can register by entering a local phone number. If possible, you will be presented with the “Rachel’s Hero Card” and a set of materials for reinforcement (five 3-star experience cards + 50,000 gold).

Features of Seven Knights: Revolution

  • An exciting story in which we act as a certain heir
  • Innovative graphics used to create models of heroes and the world around them. If Revolution even reaches the level of Seven Knights II, it will be another game with a great picture.
  • PvP arena with real-time battles
  • Raids on world bosses
  • Guardian battlefield where huge skirmishes take place

Google play

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