The most popular mobile games of autumn 2023,

Every year the mobile game market attracts many developers, both beginners and well-known all over the world. Some of them create very simple clickers with tons of ads inside, others release projects on “hype” topics, and still others, mostly large companies, are developing mobile games that they intend to support for several years. Meanwhile, outside the window, short days, frost and snow already hint at the imminent end of the golden autumn, and therefore this is a great reason to look towards the new most popular releases on Android, which came out at this time and helped players cope with blues and despondency.

PUBG: New State

In November, Krafton released “Next Generation Battle Royale” with new mechanics, features, “ultra-realistic” graphics and a host of other things, including various issues and bugs that a huge number of players faced at launch.

However, this did not stop her from attracting more than 20 million players in just five days. Of course, now it is no longer known – which of them stayed, and who just came in to try and then returned to the original PUBG or another battle royale. However, such a number of installations, undoubtedly, allowed her to be on this list.

Google Play Store: 4.1 estimate, over 10 million downloads.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Since we have touched upon such a genre as “battle royale”, it would be remiss not to mention the new mobile game based on the world famous fantasy franchise Final Fantasy, which attracted the attention of many players not only by its name, but also by interesting mechanics and features.

We are talking about a cross between a “battle royale” and an RPG, and such a “explosive” mixture allows the player, right during the battle on the map, to pump their own character and his weapons, killing other players or hunting monsters of varying difficulty, which are scattered in different locations. Despite this, it is still far from being as popular as the above game, but at the moment it has already attracted more than a million users.

Google Play Store: score – 3.1; downloads – more than 500 thousand.

Seven knights 2

How about another mobile game based on the infamous fantasy franchise? Even before the release, it was clear that this graphical MMORPG would attract the attention of many players, if only because its first part has more than 60 million downloads worldwide, and Seven Knights 2 is a direct sequel, where events will unfold 20 years later.

Of course, the developers are counting not only on their old fan friends, but also want to attract new players, so they tried to use all the features of the Unreal Engine 4, making the sequel as pleasing to the eye as possible. In addition to this, they threw a large selection of characters, multiplayer content, real-time battles and many more interesting things for which you can go into the game and at least see what kind of “fruit” it is.

Google Play Store: score – 3.2; downloads – over 1 million.

Pokemon unite

We do not go astray and continue our adventure through the famous franchises, and the next step is pocket monsters that will fight among themselves in the arena in order to throw as many points into the ring as possible. No, this is not a basketball game, as you might think. In fact, this is a MOBA, and this genre of games is now one of the most popular in the world.

So The Pokémon Company decided to take its mega-hit franchise, spice it up with MOBA and bring it to the table on the mobile market. And you know what? The dish turned out to be quite tasty and has already seduced tens of millions of players with its taste and smell.

Google Play Store: score – 4.2; downloads – over 10 million.

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

“Once this world was full of love, friendship and courage. But now he faces a new War of the Ring, and the fate of Middle-earth is in your hands. ” It is with these epic words that the description of a mobile strategy based on one of the most popular fantasy works begins.

Probably, most Tolkienists would give a lot to render in Middle-earth, and just by watching the film trilogy of Peter Jackson, you can already admire the wonders of the fictional fantasy world and numerous battles. Therefore, many people decided to try this strategy, where you can take on the role of the governor and start developing your settlement, while collecting your own army and Brotherhood in order to get the ring of Omnipotence and become its owner.

Google Play Store: score – 4.5; downloads – over 1 million.

Blue archive

Well, what is the list of popular games without charming anime girls who, in addition to their appearance, also call you “sensei”? Therefore, many users happily decided to go to the FBI to teach pretty students how to handle weapons of various calibers and create the most powerful elite intelligence squad.

In addition to single-player content, where you can engage in the development of heroines, passing levels and knocking out the top chan, there is a PvP mode that will give you the opportunity to fight with players from all over the world for the right to call yourself the best sensei.

Google Play Store: score – 4.0; downloads – over 1 million.

Candy Challenge 3D

Surely you have heard out of your ears about the sensational popular South Korean drama Squid Game, where 456 people take part in a secret tournament to win a huge amount of money, but for this they need to go through 6 simple and deadly tests at the same time. And on the wave of hype, mobile developers decided to create games based on these tests. This is how Candy Challenge 3D appeared along with many other similar games.

But let’s dwell only on this game, since it was able to attract the attention of almost two tens of millions of users in October. What’s so special about her? Yes, actually, nothing: in it, players simply perform tests from the South Korean TV series and from the developers themselves, and during breaks they watch annoying ads.

Google Play Store: score – 3.6; downloads – over 10 million.

Cats and Soup

And finally, a casual girl who has earned the attention of players with her simple gameplay, pleasant atmosphere and a bunch of cute drawn cats doing a very important job – making soup and other products from various ingredients.

Game + cats + ASMR-style soundtrack – a great recipe from the developers to cope with the autumn blues, and stick to the smartphone screen for several hours. Unfortunately, not without a fly in the ointment in the face of advertising, which asks you to watch a video for a certain award.

Google Play Store: score – 4.8; downloads – over 1 million.

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