Babylon’s Fall uses gear from Final Fantasy XIV – this is help from the FFXIV chief

Cooperative action Babylon’s fall from PlatinumGames recently completed yet another closed testing phase. After the expiration of the nondisclosure agreement, PTA participants began to tell that the game was suspiciously of a lot of clothes and emotions from Final fantasy xiv… As it turned out, this is not a bug or even a crossover, but help from fellow developers.

I talked about it Yosuke Saito (Yosuke Saito), producer Babylon’s fall:

I would like to answer a question that pops up on social networks: isn’t this equipment from Final fantasy xiv?

If right off the bat, then yes, in Babylon’s fall data of equipment and emotions from Final fantasy xiv

When I was giving a presentation Babylon’s fall at a corporate meeting, there was a producer and leader Final fantasy xiv Naoki Yoshida… He offered to help, and I happily agreed. And so the plan was born. We have carefully implemented the data, working closely with the team Final fantasy xiv

As explains Saito, thanks to this cooperation in Babylon’s fall much more clothes and emotions appeared than originally planned. Things from FFXIV placed in the middle stages of the game, and the middle stage of the game is exactly what was tested in the CBT. Apparently, therefore, the borrowing of objects caught the eye of the audience.

However, most of the items in the full version are still unique, created specifically for Babylon’s fall, emphasizes Saito… In addition, items from FFXIV softly tailored to the visual style of the game so that they look good in the new world.

Release dates at Babylon’s fall not yet.

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