MBT of beautiful RPG Underoath has started in China and you are invited

The role-playing game Underoath has opened its doors to all interested testers. The project is worth trying, if only because of the beautiful picture.

Underoath is a mobile RPG with full anime cuts and waifu in revealing outfits. Now for the project, an MBT is underway in the Middle Kingdom, and on both mobile platforms. The first thing that catches your eye is the excellent graphics and special effects during the battles. The battles are turn-based, and you can’t even dodge enemy attacks. But you can call on the field of another character if the first one is badly wounded.

Features of Underoath

  • Individual fighting style for heroes
  • Near real-time battles
  • Development of heroes without the need to re-pump the ability; they can be taken from existing characters
  • Fully voiced plot, voice actors really did their best (Japanese voices and Chinese subtitles)

How do I log into Underoath?

  • Log in by phone number, you can use (+7 …)
  • Generating a Chinese name and ID through this site
  • More data can be taken from this table.

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