Site with mods for Warcraft III was blacklisted by Roskomnadzor

An unusual addition to the collection of frags of Roskomnadzor: the foreign site The Hive Workshop, which is dedicated to modifications for Warcraft iii

Judging by information from third-party resources, the reason for blocking was a message on the forum, dated as early as 2008. The author of the post joked about emo and posted a picture with black humor “Along, not across.” Apparently, someone considered this to be suicide propaganda and complained to the RKN.

In the register of the RKN it is noted that not the entire site is blocked, but only the page. However, according to XGM, an IP address from the Cloudflare service pool was also added to the database. The address is not assigned to a specific page, so it is possible that blocking a topic on The Hive Workshop can break the Internet in unexpected places. There is already a topic on the community forum where a user complains about interruptions in access to the entire Hive Workshop, and not just to a specific page – the user has come to the conclusion that it is RKN that is to blame.

Your The Hive Workshop may still open, because Roskomnadzor locks become active with different providers at different times. According to the notes, the decision on the blocking was made on November 22, and the blocking itself was introduced on November 24.

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