Venom 2 reveals Carnage and the third symbiote and shocks fans

Sony has released another trailer for Venom 2, featuring new scenes featuring Venom, Carnage and the third symbiote, shocking fans.

A TV ad for the superhero action movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage has been leaked, reports. Attentive fans have noticed that there are several new scenes in this short video. The video begins with the fact that Eddie Brock is investigating the activities of the maniac Cletus Cassidy, after which they show his brutal attack on a simple merchant. In the next short scene, the perpetrator is already dancing. After that, fans are shown a shot with Venom. The antihero hangs on the wall of the house, says “let’s eat the bad guys” and jumps. Then the heroine of the actress Naomie Harris bursts into some apartment. From her face, she is already a carrier of the symbiote known as Screech.

The new trailer for “Venom 2” ends with a shot from the scene with the abduction of Eddie Brock’s beloved, reports Apparently, Cletus Cassidy did it. Then the fans are again shown the already famous frame in which the villain from a human turns into a terrible monster named Carnage (Massacre). Fans loved the new Venom 2 trailer. Although it was very short, they saw some fresh scenes. Additionally, fans have appreciated Venom’s new bad guy line. Some fans Marvel also noted that they would like to see in the movies how Venom fights against Carnage not alone, but with Spider-Man.

Earlier in the network it was reported that in the scene after the credits of “Venom 2” will appear Spider-Man performed by Tom Holland (Tom Holland) from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With this, the authors hint at the appearance of the symbiote in the movie “Spider-Man 3: No Way Home”, where he will become the last member of the Sinister Six, the whole team of Spider’s enemies.

The film “Venom 2” will be released in Russian cinemas on September 30, 2023. The lead role was again played by Tom Hardy. The villainous Carnage was played by another famous actor – Woody Harrelson.

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