[TGA2021] Final Fantasy XV’s Forspoken release date revealed.

At The Game Awards 2023, Shiro Games and Funcom announced a new 4X strategy game based on the famous Dune universe. The developers promise to release Dune: Spice Wars to Early Access in 2023.

In the future game, users will have to manage one of the Houses and bring their faction to glory on Arrakis. In addition to the already confirmed Atreides and Harkonnen, there will be other factions. To achieve the goal, players will be able to use politics and espionage to outsmart and blackmail their opponents, or, in the old fashioned way, to demonstrate the full power of their army. Of course, do not forget about the Sandworms, which can ruin all plans, so be prepared for an unexpected meeting with them.

Dune: Spice Wars will first be released on PC, but may later appear on other platforms. At the start of early access, which is expected to last from 9 to 12 months, players will be offered a choice of 4 factions, two of them are still unknown. Systems of politics, surveillance and, of course, wars will also be present at the start, and a little later, as part of early access, the developers are planning to add a multiplayer mode and a campaign.

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