Everyone has one. A selection of old Krinj photos that seemed normal to their owners before

People have two types of photographs of youth: “I’m so small and cute” and “Turn it over, I’m 14 here.” This is a story about adolescence, which every adult experiences and with embarrassment recalls the details of his youth. He didn’t wash his bangs, he dressed like a grandpa and joked about polynomials. These are progressive kids now, but then … We, in general, were very unlucky. Cameras have already been delivered, but the Internet has not yet been realized with awareness. Here is a selection of these slightly embarrassing photos that tell a lot about the author of the photo.


Someone dreamed of becoming an astronaut, someone a cowboy, and someone an inspector Gadget


It would seem that this lady is all 40 years old, but no. Heroine photo – schoolgirl


A typical 40 year old nerd woman with five cats? No, this is a 12-year-old boy


Ah, the goths. And guys like that used to be in high school


Photo of the late 70s. I don’t know what to be ashamed of, because, moreover, the costume was made by the hero of the photo.


Oh yes, 2008. If 2008 had a face, it would be like this


An interesting idea for Halloween. Dress up not as a comic book hero or a nurse, but as Saddam Hussein!


Amazing boots that the author wore for several years, both in winter and in summer. Did everyone have such clothes in childhood?


“Welcome to my strange childhood”


Dad made a cool toy for his little son! He made a cross to make the kid play Christ


So this is what 2007 three-note marks look like now! Wow


Remembering the ad for the Orchard


It would be interesting to look at the image of this girl’s mother

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