When is Payday: Crime War coming out and what about the CBT?

PopReach has announced when to release Payday: Crime War, but what about the beta?

In the official Discord channel of mobile Payday, PopReach representatives said that the game will not be ready until the summer of 2023. Prior to this, the developers will conduct several test runs in different regions. The main task is to polish Crime War and remove all bugs.

When does the Payday: Crime War PTA start?

It’s December 6th and our readers know that this is the start date for the Crime War beta test. All applicants have already received a letter of happiness by mail, only there are no download links in it. Installation instructions will come in another letter and our sources report that the distribution will begin today at 21:00 Moscow time. The closed beta will last two weeks and during this period PopReach will send additional invitations.

Who will be on the Payday: Crime War beta test?

Developers cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will get to the CBT. It all depends on the time of registration, place of residence, completeness of the questionnaire, specified platform and a little luck. And if you indicated iOS, then we have unpleasant news – the upcoming closed beta test will be held only for Android.

System Requirements For Payday: Crime War

  • Smartphone: Samsung S7 or better
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Android 8.0+

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