Insiders have published a complete map of the new location for Genshin Impact and showed a huge three-headed boss


Participants in the closed beta testing of the new update for Genshin Impact continue to actively leak information. New leaks allow for the first time to see the full map of the Enkanomiya location, which should appear in the game with the release of patch 2.4. Along with this, insiders published several videos with a battle with new opponents and showed a new boss.

Complete map of Enkanomy including teleports:

The new images confirm that the location of the Encanomy will visually differ from the territories that have already been added. Each area in a new location will behave completely differently. Some elements of the landscape and enemies may change depending on the time of day.

Along with this, the network published a fight with a new enemy – Pyro Lector. He is a reviving boss, from which valuable resources will fall. The battle with him is divided into two phases, where in each of them he uses different types of attacks.

Demonstration of Shen He and Yun Jin’s abilities:

Patch 2.4 will add a new event boss to Genshin Impact – Ocean Defender. The boss looks like a huge three-headed hydra. A separate health bar is provided for each monster head. There will be valuable rewards for killing him, including primohems.

The release of the new update should be expected early next year.

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