Mods, Content and Co-op – The Riftbreaker’s Future Updates Schedule

The riftbreaker – role-playing action game, which added elements of survival and building bases. The game is popular and has already become a commercial hit, and is now preparing for a series of updates.

The approximate update schedule is as follows:

End of 2023

  • Extended support for modifications. Developers will publish tools they have used themselves, including world editors, quests, and game data editors.

  • Configurable difficulty in the campaign.

March or April 2023

  • Paid campaign expansion with a new biome featuring unique fauna, special weather effects, buildings, weapons, skills and upgrades.

  • The new biome can be tried out for free via Survival Mode.

Under construction

  • Multiplayer. The main priority is the cooperative.

  • Other multiplayer modes are under consideration.

  • The update with multiplayer will be free.

  • There is no release date, but not earlier than the end of 2023.

Mods, Content and Co-op - The Riftbreaker's Future Updates Schedule

Authors The riftbreaker also presented a list of things that are under consideration: for example, extended endgame for the campaign, progress elements for the survival mode, visual customization of the robot, and so on. All of this is unconfirmed and may or may not exit, depending on community feedback.

As the developers emphasize, all terms are approximate and may still change. In parallel with major updates, smaller fixes and improvements are being prepared.

The riftbreaker available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox (including Xbox Game Pass). There is a 10% discount on Steam and GOG right now as part of the autumn sales – the price has been reduced to 539 rubles.

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