Become the new American President in the new management game This Is the President.

If you’ve ever wondered about the role of the President of the United States of America, SuperPAC developer and publisher THQ Nordic has provided an excellent opportunity to bring that idea to life in their forthcoming game, This Is the President, with a compelling storyline and a wide variety of choices.

As the newly elected President of the United States, the player will have to do everything possible to introduce the twenty-eighth amendment to the constitution, which gives you life-long immunity, because there are numerous financial crimes behind your back and would not want to get punished for them.

So get ready to make the craziest laws, push inspiring speeches, solve various problems and show your wonderful nature, communicating with the press and the people on Twitter – all for the sake of raising the rating. But it is even easier to persuade politicians in their favor: it is enough to bribe them, intimidate or use blackmail. Of course, for this you need to assemble your own “dark” team of hackers, thugs, corrupt journalists and other specialists, but you are the president, and this will not be difficult for you.

This Is the President is only available on PC from Steam, GOG and EGS stores. The game has support for the Russian language.

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