In WonderRun, twins talk to a book

WonderRun game appeared on smartphones. It features pixel art and unusual dialogues with inanimate objects.

WonderRun is an arcade runner that is available on the App Store and Google Play. We play as twins Shiori and Fumiyaki; in a strange way, they found themselves in a world of fairy tales, where a magic book, Grimoire, communicates with them. Gamers can choose between two characters to complete levels and collect coins. For them, we pump each hero separately, although there is no visible difference in their abilities.

Judging by the WonderRun menu, there are many levels, divided into biomes, awaiting us. As far as the gameplay goes, it’s simple – double jump and shoot from the book. The controls are not very convenient, so you can often fall. Fortunately, this round does not end, the character simply loses some of his HP. The same happens if you get hit by an enemy. The developers promise that we will meet Alice Through the Looking Glass, Little Red Riding Hood and a couple of other characters from fairy tales.

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