Fairy Awaken – 10 Reasons to Play the New Mobile MMORPG

Zhuang Zhou once dreamed that he was a character in the game Fairy Awaken, who dreams that he is Zhuang Zhou. When he woke up, he could not understand whether he was Zhuang Zhou or a character in the game Fairy Awaken. One thing he knew for sure: it was necessary to download the new mobile MMORPG Fairy Awaken and check it out. And how not to believe the great Chinese philosopher? And that’s not the only reason to download the game. There are at least 10 more others.

1. Great 3D graphics

For many, this is the main reason. The graphics in the game will envy many AAA games in the MMORPG genre. Everything in the game is pleasing to the eye: cute characters, intense battles, bright and picturesque locations and live animations! Here, through the yellow fields of flowers, epic, like a true shinobi, our hero rushes, from time to time soaring over obstacles in a hurricane jump! An amazing sight!

The developers are so confident in the graphics that they even added a photo mode.

2. Huge open world

The many locations and the impressive size of the world are captivating. You can explore all this splendor freely or by completing story quests. The variety of locations is amazing: from mystical bamboo forests to majestic snowy peaks, from ancient Chinese-style cities to picturesque fields and groves. Everywhere there are Beijing houses – Siheyuan and ponds with water lilies. Everything corresponds to the stated setting.

3. Mountains of content

I must say that there is a lot of content in the game and most of it is given out and shown literally right away. Not even half an hour of the game passes, and the Hero, with a horse and a detachment of pets, can marry and rebuild the family estate. And this is just the beginning!

Rewards are pouring in like a cornucopia: rewards for time in the game, rewards for entering, rewards for dungeons, for a level, for everything that is possible. For loot lovers, it’s just a holiday!

4. The ability to build your own home

Someone likes to do construction in games, some do not, but the most important thing is that there is such an opportunity here.

Build your own home with a stable, vegetable garden and mine. Decorate your home and grow food for pets and kids. What could be better than meditatively sticking to the beds in an MMORPG?

The developers hint that in the future there will be more options for customizing the internal content and decorating the house.

5. Plot

The plot is based on Chinese history and mythology. The once happy and peaceful Song empire lies in ruins, the emperor was killed along with his family and a handful of militias confront the invaders of the country. And only the Chosen One, who appeared like a piano from the bushes, is able to figure out what’s what and help the resistance. And it would be a pretty commonplace seed, if not for the nuances.

The game has a great storytelling, and the dialogues of the characters are lively: dramatic, comic, epic.

Of course, there are pass-through quests here, bring it and give it (where without them in MMORPG?), But there are many more of those that reveal the general plot and characters. There are also quite interesting ones, such as the stealing of the manager and the rescue of the princess from the palace.

The dialogues are written in an interesting and funny way, each character has its own character. They are humorous, daring and for some reason constantly offer to drink wine.

From time to time you are given a choice of what to do and where to turn the plot, which is also not quite typical for the genre. But you have to decide pretty quickly – all windows have a timer.

6. Pet Fights

As you progress through the game, you will meet and collect cute pets and collect them on your way. There are many pets for every taste. Choose a pet that will help you in battle, and from the rest create a powerful squad that will tear everyone in pet battles!

7. Starting a family

In the game, you can find your love and have a wedding, or at least team up with a friend in the name of discovering new content! Along with the wedding, you will discover a new dungeon of love with exclusive rewards.

A little immersion in the game? Have a child in the game! This requires a home and a couple. Feel like Kratos, take your Atreus to the dungeons and on quests, worry about his health, cultivate a vegetable garden to feed your child.

8. Authentic hero classes

The game is constantly trying to hint that it is, of course, a classic MMORPG, but still not like everyone else.

There is no division, usual for the RPG genre, into standard classes: warrior, archer, magician. Classes mythical, Asian: Astral, Celestina and Assassin.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses:

Astral, keeps a distance, but at the same time is good in the role of a tank, celestin holds a blow well in melee, and the assassin takes speed and short powerful attacks. It is interesting to compose non-typical classes when playing with friends and guilds and to try different battle tactics.

Each class is presented in both genders, they can be customized for yourself, as you go through, pick up armor and the most effective weapon.

9. Social component and PVP

Where can we go without it? Challenge towers, dungeons, PVP battles, everything that should be in a solid MMORPG. There are 6 types of dungeons, and there are also various bosses. And of course, that is why we try not to miss a day in them: daily and rewards for them!

10. IDLE or hardcore walkthrough

Fairy Awaken is designed for players of all backgrounds. You can use auto battle and auto run and do managerial work in the game: choose quests, collect rewards, disassemble inventory, pump the character, dig a garden while the character runs and kneads everyone right and left. Or you can take control and fight and try hardcore. But you can always combine.

As you can see, there are enough reasons to be interested in Fairy Awaken. Evidently Chuang Tzu was right, you should download Fairy Awaken and see everything with your own eyes.


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