Facebook Messenger also supports payments

It would be fair to call it Meta Messenger, right? Well, we’re not used to that name yet. The important thing is that Messenger will support and pay with your card as soon as possible. In the US it is already possible.

All you have to do is have an associated card and that’s about it. You can share your bill with your friends. The feature is being tested in the US and will probably be implemented worldwide.Facebook Messenger also supports payments

This means that you will have a simple and fast payment service at hand. Basically it’s the split bill feature, which allows you to share your bill with your friends.

I personally use Revolut and I have two more applications from two different banks, ING and BCR. I already have enough payment options. I don’t know how popular this function will be in Romania or in the world in general, if people already have Revolut or a similar service.

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