Review Knock Of The Coffin Lid – A Story About Philosophy And Choice

Knock Of The Coffin Lid is a game this a mixture of atmospheric roguelike with RPG elements. The action of the game takes place in an alternative Middle Ages filled with magic and dangerous monsters. Play as a hero rising from the dead, destined to fulfill his destiny. You will meet monsters on the way. You will have to fight to reach the end. But is it that easy?

The game has a lot of advantages, which distinguishes the debut game RedBoon among many imitators. For example, time loops, original gameplay finds, setting nordic fantasy, and matchless visual style. RedBoon has managed to overcome all the difficulties: the game is being handled by a new team of people who are burning with the idea of Knock on the Coffin Lid. The world in the game was invented before the game began, during a creative search. K.O.T.C.L. does not try to tell everything about the world around it, the game simply exists in it, following its laws and logic. The concept of the game world remains unchanged during development.

The storyline of Knock Of The Coffin Lid is constantly being expanded and added. At the beginning of the game was one main character, but the developers decided to add up to three characters. The RedBoon team created unique texts and made three stories for each character. The guys demonstrated the same events from different points of view, detailing and describing everything that happened in detail. The basic philosophy of the RedBoon team is that you should not limit yourself to the game mechanics, you should focus on the story. The story of the game is constantly evolving, with new details. But the continuation does not exist in the classic sense of the word, as the characters are trapped inside a time loop. The main task is for the player to understand that all events are interconnected and that all the characters that the hero meets on his way are not here by chance.  All of the characters fit into the big picture unfolding before our eyes. It is not as difficult as it may seem, there are no unrealistic events or characters in the game from the beginning.

The story develops according to the mosaic principle – in a roguelike another presentation is impossible. First comes the resurrected character, who is likely to take revenge on his attacker. But as the characters learn more about what’s going on around them, the player gradually begins to realize that the story is not about revenge. Every new piece of information is an element of the puzzle, a fragment of the mosaic from which the overall picture is assembled.

Talking about specific things should be careful, because getting information about the world around you is not a necessary but interesting part of the gameplay. RedBoon Studio gets good feedback on the story from players who like this approach.

Percival is the first hero. He is the bodyguard of Ingvar, the lord of the Northern Gate. This is located in the northern part of a continent inhabited by elves, dwarves, and rogue humans, at the very edge of their domain. On the border the interests of the three races intersect. Relations between the races are strained, but Lord Ingvar, through his power and influence, has maintained order. He is the guarantor of peace in this region. Now Ingvar is murdered and this sets off a chain of events. It is fascinating, isn’t it?


A strange man named Mortis resurrects Percival and demands nothing in return, but is in no hurry to answer questions either. The hero has to return home only.

Events are intertwined in a tangle of cause and effect, which Percival cannot unravel to the end. But perhaps the other two heroes can do better?

The game world of K.O.T.C.L. has a pivot around which many places, events, and characters revolve. All of the game’s storylines are wound up in the main idea. You have a global story to solve and unravel the fate of the entire world. The plot is not random, it has an original meaning and an ultimate goal.

In Knock on the Coffin Lid, the protagonist always has a choice. He has questions: which path to choose; does he want to help the gnomes or take a walk; does he need that map on the cover? Even the smallest decision determines the further consequences. The number of events depends on the player’s choice; this should not be forgotten. One trip can make the adventure much easier, while another can make it more difficult. The protagonist must divide into a series of events, on which both his fate and the life of the world depend. You will have to immerse yourself in these adventures together with him.

As you pass, the main character encounters 50 types of monsters and 20 improved boss, which requires a unique strategies and tactics. Another feature of Knock on the Coffin Lid is that there are always situations where you need to make important decisions during the game. More than 50 random events await you, in which you must decide what to do. The further development of the story depends on your choice. Get ready for various events that can help or complicate the remaining adventures. All elements here directly affect the game. Try not to hurt yourself or your character.


The game has received high marks at Indie Cup20 Critics’ Choice Award events, Indie cup’21 Nominations Best PC Game, Best Audio, Best Art, People’s Choice, Indie Blast 2023 Best Gameplay, and Best PC Game Xsolla. You’re in for a treat. Get connected on the Knock on the Coffin Lid. It’s available on a PC. The game has a support pack for those who want to help the project.

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