Renault gives up the Kadjar model – the Austral model appears

Do you know what one of Renault’s biggest problems is? Lack of continuity of models. Apart from the Clio and Megane, Reno has no other popular models with a history behind them. Kadjar, a very successful compact SUV, is out of production and replaced by Austral.

Renault gives up the Kadjar model - the Austral model appearsTake the example of their middle class cars. Latitude, Laguna, Talisman, are just three recent models that should compete with Passat, 508, Mondeo etc. It’s just that they didn’t have a history behind them and changed their names all the time, they didn’t manage to integrate well in that segment.

It seems that SUVs are no better. After Kadjar made a good image on the market, Renault took it out and replaced it with Austral. This new model is also a compact 5-seater SUV, but we don’t know the details yet. Maybe it will be hybrid, maybe electric, we don’t know.

The new model will be available from 2023.

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