TheHunter: Call of the Wild Hunting Simulator Airline Launches on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store uncorked a new vat of freebies – this week the store is giving away theHunter: Call of the Wild… The distribution will last until December 2. Next time you can get a network horror Dead by daylight and a puzzle while True: learn ()

theHunter: Call of the Wild – hunting simulator in the open world. The developers tried to take everything into account so that the tracking of virtual animals was as close to reality as possible:

  • The animals can see, hear and even smell the lurking hunter and immediately give dyor.
  • There is a full cycle of day and night.
  • The physics of the game takes into account the peculiarities of ballistics.
  • Weather effects alternate.

The game features a wide variety of weapons: rifles, single and double-barreled guns and even a bow. If you are not interested in trophies, go for a photo hunt – great shots are obtained in the atmospheric forests of the simulator.

To basic Call of the wild added several reserves from various climatic zones. During the hunt, you can not only contemplate the landscapes around, but also complete tasks. In each reserve, the local huntsman gives the player small missions, and random events are scattered around the map. For long-distance travel, the developers have prepared an ATV. The simulator supports network co-op in a group of up to 8 users.

Critics reacted coolly to theHunter: Call of the Wildgamers, however, took her much more cordially. The game earned 68 points on OpenCritic and 86% positive reviews on Steam.

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