Forza Horizon 5 player gets banned for creating overly explicit liveries


Not so long ago, the censorship in Forza Horizon 5 sparked a heated discussion on the network, forcing the developers at Playground Games to rethink their rules. The contributors have indeed made concessions to the community, but the content moderation is still very strict. A user with the nickname git-regre reported that he was banned from the game due to the creation of liveries with images of girls.

According to the player, he received an instant ban in Forza Horizon 5 immediately publishing content. He did not receive warnings or other time constraints, in just a second he lost all the online arcade racing capabilities. For the image of several characters from the comics, the user has forever lost the lion’s share of the content in the game.

The worst thing about this situation is that there is no ban appeal in the game. A blocked player cannot find out the exact reason and contact the developers directly. He associates his blocking with the image of “sexual content”, although many may find it very harmless. git-regre shared his story to warn other content creators that they could get permanently banned for their work.

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