Halo Infinite – Comparison Of 2023 Gameplay And Final Build


YouTbe user ElAnalistaDeBits posted a new video comparing the gameplay demo Halo infinite from 2023 and final build. He used the Xbox Series X version with dynamic 4K and 60 fps.

The author has canceled the general improvement in the quality of textures (armor, earth, trees, rocks, etc.), improved rays and lighting from the sun, increased draw range. The card has undergone significant changes since the 2023 bid. But not without a fly in the ointment – in some cutscenes, the lighting looks better in the old build, the hair and shading of other characters also underwent a slight downgrade.

Today the embargo on the publication of reviews has been lifted. Game journalists 68 media outlets gave the game an average rating of 86 points out of 100.

Halo Infinite’s single player campaign will launch on December 8th for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC.

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