Online poll Tales of Arise hints at potential remasters of older parts of the series


Publisher Bandai namco released a poll for players of its latest action-adventure JRPG Tales of arise… Naturally, the content of this survey of players is to be expected, as several questions ask general questions about the gameplay and design of the game. In addition, however, there are several suggestive questions that hint that the publisher is considering remastering old parts.

For example, one of the questions in the questionnaire asks the question: “In the updated version of which of the following games would you like to play the most?” There are many titles to choose from, including a dilogy Tales of xillia, Tales of Phantasia and Tales of the Abyss.

While this is just a poll and does not in any way confirm the release of any of these previous games, it is certainly possible depending on whether the demand is strong enough. With that said, I urge take part in this survey and make it possible to hear your voice if you want old games Tales of could be played on modern platforms.

300 years of tyranny. Mysterious mask. Lost memories and pain. Take the Blazing Sword and lead a rebellion with a mysterious girl. This is a story of liberation in a new generation of graphics!

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