Technicians were shocked by the quality of the GTA: San Andreas remaster


Well-known experts from Digital Foundry have just finished analyzing the collection of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy. Most of all, experts were surprised by the technical state of the updated GTA: San Andreas. The game found a huge number of problems with animations, models and the original atmosphere, which were completely destroyed by the developers.

According to Digital Foundry, it is San Andreas, even after the release of the first patch, worthy of the title of “worst remaster”. It has the most performance issues and bugs. Until now, the problem of strange rain remains relevant, although the update should have fixed this problem.

Improving the environment textures and character models only made the overall picture worse. Most objects have abnormal reflections and shine, which is typical of plastic materials. A big disappointment among the journalists was caused by the faces of the characters, which received extremely low details and a random set of animations.

The experts were satisfied only with the remaster of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and only because the flaws of the updated versions sometimes fit into the overall style of the game.

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