Former EA tester reveals the reasons for all the problems Battlefield 2042 – updates will not improve the shooter


An anonymous user on Reddit posted a breakdown of the technical condition of Battlefield 2042. He introduced himself as a former Electronic Arts tester and saw the very beginning of development of Battlefield 2042 as part of the EA Game Changers program. According to him, a new development team worked on the shooter, which completely ignored the developments of the previous parts of the series and did not listen to the testers department.

According to the source, Battlefield 2042 is “a by-product of a new team that only wants to realize their own ideas.” With the end of support for Battlefield V, a large number of employees left DICE, who were in charge of the solo campaign and multiple online modes. As development began on the new game, EA Game Changers gave a full talk on mechanics that could be improved. Testers offered to improve the design of the cards, revise some modes and tackle the servers, but the new development team ignored the recommendations.

After that, the user also advised players to lower their expectations regarding future updates for Battlefield 2042. He is sure that the developers simply will not be able to fix global problems as they are embedded in the very core of the shooter. DICE will not waste time on this and will start developing a new part of Battlefield.

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