Building a hot air balloon house in Desert Nomad

An early version of Desert Nomad has appeared on Google Play. Are you ready to survive in the desert?

Desert Nomad is a mobile arid survival game. Fortunately, our house soars above the ground in a balloon. This is where we build workbenches, items for collecting rainwater or expand the floor. The flight time depends on how much fuel we add to the brazier.

You will have to go down to the ground to get wood, stones and meat from monsters. The fact is that the player has three characteristics that must be monitored: health, hunger and thirst. To become stronger, you must not only create strong armor, but also pump the hero. There are three branches for this: survival, construction and attack. The first skills are improved for free.

Desert Nomad does not stand on ceremony with newbies, and even the first monster can safely put you down. If this happens, then you can lose all the items, in order to avoid this there is a “revival clock”. Their number is limited and, probably, additional items are purchased for donation. All in all, Desert Nomad is a hardcore Android project without multiplayer. There are only two modes to choose from: sandbox and survival.

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