Sometimes sellers make it so that they have to return. A selection of the right inexpensive gifts to keep customers loyal

We buy something and we get the product we hoped for – right? And what if the seller does something more and sends not only the requested item, but also a present, a present? Such charm will remain in memory for a long time, and the seller will go to the “favorites” daddy. A selection of amenities unexpectedly presented to an ordinary customer.

I bought a bed, and there was a gift key in the box

What a lovely gift! I got plasters for the knives!

The manufacturer of the TV stand has added a level to the product! It’s brilliant

Free spare battery

Second insoles for boots as a gift

I just bought puzzles, but I also received glue and a scraper.

A good present for a comb is a brush for her

Having ordered rice, I received a spikelet of real dried rice in a box.

I bought meat – I got a toothpick for it

The doorbell includes a level, screws and a screwdriver as a gift

We got a knife for the pizza!

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