Review vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light – a super vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi sent me a new vacuum cleaner a few months ago. It’s called Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light and is a device that costs 424 lei at eMAG. It is a model with a battery, so you will not tangle in the cables, being ideal for maintaining cleanliness.

As you can see, the Cleaner Light is a model with a 2500mAh battery and a power of 220W. It doesn’t work wonders and it’s not the type of vacuum cleaner that lifts your carpet off the floor. It is not made to pull tons of dirt or be used for serious cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner is designed to keep you clean. It is recommended to use it with another serious vacuum cleaner because otherwise it will bother you. The usage scenario is simple. You can use a classic vacuum cleaner to do general cleaning, and when you need to vacuum something quickly, use this Xiaomi. Because it is handy, you don’t have to plug it in anymore, and it’s ideal for 2-3 crumbs on the floor.

I used it almost every day to vacuum the chips from the floor, the crumbs in the kitchen and the dust mites that still appear occasionally when you sit in the yard and have pets.

Cleaner Light comes with a classic suction head that also contains an electrically operated rotating brush, a thin head with a brush on top for various other areas and another thin head with a brushless tip.

The charger is small and has a proprietary plug, and in the package I also found a wall mount for the vacuum cleaner and its accessories. I later realized it was a wall mount.

The vacuum cleaner can be used anywhere you need due to the interchangeable heads. I used it to vacuum the car without any problems. It has two modes of operation, normal and Turbo, but I always used Turbo because it does not have enough power in normal mode.

I think only Turbo mode is useful, given that it doesn’t have much power anyway. The autonomy is about 30 minutes on Turbo mode, so I say it’s a good autonomy. Unfortunately the charging is a bit cumbersome and only after an hour you can use it again for a few minutes. Fully discharged and left on for 15 minutes, it managed to stay on for 30 seconds.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a battery indicator, so you don’t know how much longer it will last. You just wake up and stop.

Also, the trash can is small, so you can’t vacuum much with it. It has 0.5 liters of space for garbage and must be cleaned often, but the advantage is that it can be unpacked extremely easily.

Be careful when reassembling it. It can fool you because it can get caught in 2 different positions, maybe even 3, I don’t know exactly either, and then you will wake up that the rotated brush no longer works.

When installing it, make sure that the Xiaomi logo is UNDER the power button. That’s how you know that’s the right position.

About the sound what can I tell you. Personally, it seems to me that she is silent about my Rowenta girl who reminds me of those communist vacuum cleaners. Basically.

So yes, it is quiet for a vacuum cleaner and it seems to me that it is also made of good quality plastic. Xiaomi has always had good plastics on their products. I dropped it 2-3 times when it was loaded and it has nothing.

For how much it costs and for how well it can help you maintain the house, I consider that this vacuum cleaner is worth all the money, that is 424 lei at eMAG. Personally, I decided that I wanted one too and in the next period I will place an order on eMAG for it. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a discount from Xiaomi 🙂

I was forgetting about the filters. They can be washed without problems (I washed them and I had no problems) and they are easy to clean. I don’t know if it changes, but since they can be washed then I don’t see a problem.

And to the minuses I will add the fact that it gets dirty extremely quickly. I understand that it is very elegant on white, but it is a vacuum cleaner… it is filled with dust, any dirt, any stain can be seen immediately on it. Plus, when those little heads are scratched, they look ugly.

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