While the New World community criticizes the Gear Score’s linking to expertise, Amazon will unite the two worlds on December 8th, Experiencing a merger on the European servers Mardi and Brittia from the Vanaheim Radial cluster

On December 8, Amazon will unite for the first time two MMORPG New World servers – the choice fell on the Italian worlds Mardi and Brittia from the Vanaheim Radial cluster.

For their inhabitants, the transfer is temporarily closed, but users were warned in advance. It is worth noting that the situation on these servers is not yet as bad as on some others – there are more than 600 people online on each one. Players will fully keep their progress, but the companies of one of the worlds will lose territories, for which they will receive compensation in gold.

In the meantime, the community is actively discussing and criticizing the changes already available on the PTS. And it’s not about the Winter Rapprochement holiday. Soon, players will not be able to simply buy or create an item with a high GS – this indicator will not exceed the level of expertise (previously the system was known as the High Water Mark) of the owner, so it will have to be pumped to the appropriate level to use the equipment to its fullest. Some are even ready to leave the project.

And some gamers have accused Amazon of launching bots on Steam and reddit in an attempt to iron out negative reviews.

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