Sifu will only have one difficulty level – developers can add mode customization after release

Death in Sifu – the same important element of the gameplay as the “combat” and the pumping system. However, according to the developers, the game can be played without ever dying. If, of course, gamers can cope with the basic level of difficulty, it will not work to customize it for themselves.

Action Film Producer Pierre Tarnot (Pierre Tarno) reported that in Sifu there will be only one difficulty level. Thus, the command Sloclap wants to challenge users to learn from their mistakes and adapt to the combat system. Tarno does not exclude that other levels will appear in the future. The scenario is likely to repeat itself Returnal, when gamers long and hard asked developers to add saves in the middle of the race.

Recall Sifu – an action game in which the main character intends to avenge his family. In battle, he relies on kung fu and a magical amulet that brings him back to life after death. However, magical power has a price: with each resurrection, the protagonist grows older. You can read more about the mechanics of aging here.

Beat the muzzles in Sifu will come out on February 8, two weeks before the original release date. The action movie will be released on PC (Epic Games Store) and PlayStation.

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